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For employees on Local Government Fellows

Microsoft Teams

Date & time

Wednesday, 28 June 2023, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

This 45-minute FREE interactive webinar has been organised by the Supply Chain Sustainability School’s Local Government Working Group.

Attendees: Employees of Local Government Fellow organisations.

Facilitator: Hayley Jarick


This will be a Microsoft Teams meeting managed under the following guidelines:

Location: You will be sent the Microsoft Teams Meeting ID and password via email after registering or confirming your reservation for this event.

Waiting room: As participants join the meeting, they will join the waiting room until the host starts the meeting.

Video: Only the speaker video will be on during the presentation. Participants may turn their video on during question time. Please position your camera so it is only capturing your face and doesn't broadcast private or sensitive details in your background. Virtual backgrounds will be enabled should you choose to use them.

Audio: The meeting will start with all participants on mute. Please keep the microphone on mute unless directed to ask your question during the Q&A section. Please use a private room and headphones if possible.

Sharing: Only hosts will be able to share specific applications, like PowerPoint (not their screen or desktop). Participants can send messages visible to all participants but not private messages (1:1 to another participant). Files will not be able to be sent through the in-meeting chat. Chat messages and Whiteboard contents will be automatically saved and accessible to Hosts.

Recording: This event may be recorded and made available for public access by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.  Please keep this in mind before disclosing sensitive or classified information during the event. If you do not wish to be photographed or videoed during the event, please keep your camera off and microphone muted.

Removing Participants: Participants who have not registered, were not invited, are not identified or who do not behave in a reasonable way during the meeting will be removed by the Host and will not be able to re-join.


Sustainable Procurement
Australia, Local Government
45 mins

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